Ammco 4000B Combination Bench Lathe for Brake Drums and Rotors

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The Model 4000B Ammco Brake Lathe features twin lathe cutter tools and quick drum-to-rotor changeover. Adjustable spindle speeds allow for easy rough cut/finish cut settings, and there’s an infinitely adjustable spindle-feed gearbox. The Ammco 4000B Brake Lathe supports drums or rotors up to 100 lbs.

Features and Benefits: Twin Cutter Tools and quick drum-to-rotor changeover Adjustable spindle speeds (if desired) allow for quick rough cut/finish cut settings Infinitely adjustable spindle-feed gear box User-friendly ergonomics Supports drums or rotors up to 100 lbs. using the standard one inch (25.4mm) arbor Since its initial introduction four decades ago, the Ammco 4000B has […]

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