CPS Products Multi Refrigerant RRR Center

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Multi refrigerant Convertable RRR machine that can be converted for use with R-134a, HFO-1234YF, R22 and R407C. Recover without fear of cross contamination when converted back and forth. 2-cylinder oil-less compressor for fast motorized ball valve flow control system eliminates the worry of working on systems that have been contaminated with sealants, burn outs, etc. High capacity, 50 micron 6 CFM vacuum pump equipped with 50 lb recovery tank as standard equipment. Can be easily programmed for 90 lb recovery tanks or any standard international tank. Includes 8′ hoses, R-134a couplers, HFO-1234yf couplers, R-134a tank refill adapter. Powder coated steel cabinet on a 1 inch steel tubular frame with spare filter storage drawer. Programmable for Hi-side, Lo-side or both. Microprocessor controlled mass flow monitoring system keeps track of remaining filter life to maximize filter life. Integrated pressure transducer automatically controls air purge, leak testing, and self calibrates every time the machine is turned on. u00abu00a0less

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